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You Are What You Eat

Many businesses, from banks to tech firms to consumer products and everything else in between are thinking about the changes to their specific industry and how they need to evolve to serve the clients that they are looking to attract.

For example, in the banking industry, mobile deposits are table stakes to attract and retain young customers. In fact, Goldman Sachs did a study and only 1 out of 3 millennials believe that they will not even need a bank in 5 years. So as the banks look to leverage this data and evolve and enhance their business, they need to transform in order to be competitive in a modern banking market.

As you focus on the profile of your clients, let’s not lose sight of the fact that you need to apply the same type of standards when designing your workplace. Because your employees will fit the same profile as the clients that you are looking to attract and/or retain. 

So how do you take the same characteristics that you are shaping your offer around, and apply to the workplace so that it’s relevant to those employees that you want to hire?

Our approach is to learn what elements you are building your business around by understanding the vision and goals of leadership. Then we want to look at your existing employees that match the profile of the employee base you would like to grow. After running this segment of users through our WorkplaceUX methodology, we will get an awesome idea of where you are. 

Here are the 6 pillars that create the structure for WorkplaceUX:

Once we attain both the user and leadership perspective, let’s stand them up next to each other. 

  •     How do they match? 

  •     Are there any synergies? 

  •     What are the differences between the reality of today and the vision for tomorrow? 

Now we are armed with the information to better match the workplace technology at your business with the outcomes that leadership is planning for and building around.

So, if you are what you eat, let’s get what you are consuming internally to match the brand and reality that you are trying to present in the marketplace.

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