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Not Stepping on Toes

Our WorkplaceUX data indicates that the far majority of issues that workers have with their Workplace technology is NOT about the actual applications. See below data table as a reminder.

In fact, a significant chunk of workers have a subpar experience with their workplace technology, and it has to do with communication. Communication from the IT org to the users as well as communication from the users to the IT org. And quite frankly, the IT org owns both sides of this street and they have to be accountable to that.

Most of the time as we work with the IT org when doing a WorkplaceUX engagement and we start to bring forward our initial observations, IT slows us down. They become concerned about the messaging and about "stepping on toes". They are worried about criticizing the reality of how things exist because they know the people who are responsible for those services. So they express a desire to tone it down or exclude it from or list of observations and recommendations. 

The problem with this is that it doesn't allow us all to tackle the things we need to tackle in order to address what and how we need to improve things. Can we really improve the support within the organization if we are unwilling to say anything negative about how it exists today because we don't want to criticize the person in charge of the help desk? Can we begin to state that the infrastructure is limiting WiFi and soft phones if we don't want to criticize the existing infrastructure for fear of insulting the infrastructure team?

Like any other initiative that seeks to bring improvement and success, authenticcommunication is required. Not stepping on toes means we are trying to soften our approach to making strides forward. This only safeguards the "legacy lens" of anyone that has responsibilities on the area that we are trying to improve. We don't want to be negotiating between where we want to be and where we are today. That will only keep us from moving forward. We want to help evolve the perspective of those responsible for the things we need to change. And we need to be honest when doing so. Then we can set new goals around the outcomes we want that better connect with the worker experience.

We need to learn to say “up until now, that is the way things have been….but going forward we are going to change”.

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