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Fractured Workplaces Thwart Productivity: WorkplaceUX® Delivers Seamless Solution

During his more than two decades as a CEO and Senior Management Consultant, Thomas Bradbury guided clients through a constant revolution in the workplace. In doing so, he recognized a hard truth: too many corporate workplaces are polarized environments where employees are trapped between misaligned objectives, thwarting collaboration and productivity. In effect, they are rife with friction.

The problem so interested Bradbury that he sold the firm he had founded and served as CEO, Labrador Technology - a leading IT consulting firm, and started WorkplaceUX®. Bradbury and his team focus on optimizing user experience in the workplace.

"The disconnect between leaderships' goals and the people tasked with optimizing the business model is costing companies in terms of employee potential and motivation", noted Bradbury. "Instead of as a collaborative effort, department executives make business decisions as silos, narrowly focusing on their own goals rather than overall employee engagement or investments in the future."

WorkplaceUX's methodology is designed to spur collaboration, motivation and productivity, control costs and generate substantial incremental profitability.

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