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Enablement is Innovation with Your Employees

Successful companies find ways, both formal and informal, to work on new and better ideas and products in a separate stream than their current offerings. Why do they do this? Because the gravitational pull of being effective and productive for today’s bottom line sucks the life out of innovation.

Businesses must take the same approach to empowering and engaging their employees. Because ultimately, enabling your employees to use tech more/better, getting them access to information, and buying into getting them to participate in all modes of delivering employee experience is a way of partnering and innovating with them to make your business better from the inside out.

So how can companies do this? Take the three traditional swim lanes that typically impact and own what makes an employee experience: HR/IT/CRE.  Get them working together in a separate stream from delivering only on day-to-day results for their respective lanes. Get them out of only thinking about budgets and tasks. Get them thinking about how their employee experiences and effective use of technology could be ten-fold better.

Perhaps a Director of Enablement that reports to the most strategic leaders within HR/IT/CRE. In essence, creating a separate stream that constantly works on employee experience and enablement. The goal? Developing new modes of getting employees all of the information they want/need, aligning policy across these 3 swim lanes that, together, create a cohesive and truly collaborative approach to the various modes of working, communicating and existing within the business.

This should be a theme for all corporate cultures. Enablement. Helping promote the employee success and awareness of what they need and how they need it. Change the trajectory of how your workers experience the business they work for. Create accountability from the leaders that own or touch employee experience. Help employees know what tools they have access to. Make sure there’s a constant effort to support them in knowing how and why to use those tools. Make it so “easy” it becomes part of the everyday/all employee culture.

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