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Employee vs Customer Experience

In order to optimize productivity and therefore profitability, organizations must begin treating the employee experience with the same care and detail that they treat their customer experience procedures.

In the same way you would conduct studies and focus groups to optimize customer experience, you must understand the employee experience reality in all scenarios of how employees communicate and collaborate with each other as well as how they are able to be productive on their own during individual work. For example:

• Are the tools that the company invested in effective as they were meant to be used?

• Can the friction points in employee experience interactions be identified?

• Once identified, map that friction back to a misuse, miscommunication or breakdown in what original intent was misunderstood.

There’s common sense fixes to these bits of friction that take their toll on the employees’ degree of ease to communicate and collaborate. Imagine if these same points of friction were discovered as the company’s customers attempted to consume products and/or services?

As leaders we’d spare no expense at righting this customer experience. We should treat the employee experience the exact same way. Because that’s the only way you’re going to attract and retain modern talent. It’s the only way that your employee base will be enabled to operate in a modern workplace. Match your employees’ reality with the purpose and vision that the CEO is applying to the future of the company. Treat your employees like your customers and you’ll be on the right track.

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