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creating a Seamless Workplace

Thomas Bradbury – Founder of Labrador Technology, a leading corporate IT consulting firm for over 20 years – identified a glitch in corporate structures that limits productivity in the workplace.

Over the past decade, technology and the way it is utilized in the workplace, has evolved at an accelerated pace. Through his work at Labrador, Mr. Bradbury experienced deep-seated issues throughout the workforce. Employees did not know how to utilize the various tech tools made available to them and in many cases did not even know some of these critical tools existed.

The overarching issue that Mr. Bradbury identified that led to this disconnect is in the planning and execution of workplace technology – HR, IT and Corporate Real Estate have conflicting agendas they are each fighting for on a daily basis. This leads to sub-par solutions and/or training

for individual users. Senior leadership’s goal of every employee performing at their maximum level of productivity can never be achieved when there are multiple stakeholders dictating the user experience in the workplace.

WorkplaceUX® is committed to developing the ideal  roadmap for each of our clients to achieve the optimal level of collaboration, communication and productivity by reducing or removing friction.

WorkplaceUX®: The CEO's weapon tO COMBAT friction in the business.

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